Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fortis Green scores!

Fortis Green has now crashed in, on Soundclick, at # 14 on the Classic Rock sub-genre chart and at # 93 on the Overall Rock chart, making it the second major score for Ardent on the site.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Revolution # 9

When I wrote Brown Eyes Like His in the summer of '94, I immediately placed it in my tune-smith top tier. For the rest of '94, when I would play my tunes for people, Brown Eyes could always come up. By '95 and especially by '96, I dropped it in favor of what was then newer material. It came back for the Ardent sessions in '04 because I knew the Matt Stevenson set-up was conducive to a little Incesticide-like action (which Paul Levin and Buttons Sound in NYC had not been, with their no-drums policy). Happy to say that as of today, a paean to troubled adolescence I wrote as, as the case was, a troubled adolescent, Brown Eyes Like His, sits at # 9 on the Soundclick Indie chart, and # 25 on the Alternative Overall chart. Btw: this photo of me was taken at Main Street West in South Philly during the Ardent sessions, by Matt himself. I was going for a whole ragamuffin ensemble look, and it looks like I mostly nailed it. Peace.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

Brown Eyes: Top 20/50

As of September 11, Brown Eyes Like His has been placed, once again in the Top 20 on its sub-generic chart (Indie), and, for the first time, in the Top 50 on the overall Alternative chart on Soundclick. Happy Autumn!