Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nick Drake: Six Songs

I discovered Nick Drake in State College in the spring of ’96. I was right in the middle of my affair with Jennifer Strawser, and in a more harmonious mood then usual. By this time, the cult of Nick Drake was spreading like wildfire in the State College indie scene. I reacted by diving into a songwriting binge and churning out Drake-influenced material. Jennifer liked Nick Drake too. It was a halcyon time for a few months. As of May, I moved into a sublet on South Atherton Street. Many things got derailed for me that summer— not permanently, but temporarily— but for the rest of my time in State College (I left in late ’98), the Drake albums were one of my staple foods. Big Star and Nick Drake, in fact, were two twin towers of indie State College in the Nineties. Six Songs is just as eerily glamorous as Third/Sister Lovers is; and College Avenue in State College at night had its own glamorous sense of apparitions and general haziness, leading me to be curious what it might be like in 2015. Who sits on the wall now?

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